Overwatch Will Have Six New Maps Coming This Year

According to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard is developing 6 more maps for the game, to be released some time later this year. Kaplan posted this announcement in response to a discussion thread on the Blizzard forum on the topic of there being no new maps coming up for the game’s one year anniversary. Turns out, we’re in luck.Overwatch Will Have Six New Maps Coming This Year

Kaplan states that there are three maps for quick play and competitive, which have all passed their “initial play testing stage.” These maps will be released sometime this year.

The other three are still in development and are not for quick play or competitive game modes. I would say if not those two, than these three maps will likely be for the arcade or custom modes. The release for these is yet unknown and was not mentioned.

The director also mentions that there are a “few other experiments going on,” which could mean anything. Who knows, we might be seeing an entirely new mode that requires a more heavy reliance on the map that usual.


In an interview with IGN yesterday, Geoff Goodman did mention that the Overwatch team wants to have a character and map for every region of the world. A huge undertaking, but very welcome to fans of the game, and could be a clue as to what these six new maps will entail. From London to Eichenwalde, Overwatch can’t possible go wrong.


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