New Trailer For Cars 3 Unveiled

With Cars 3 releasing within the next month and half on June 16th, a second trailer has come to reveal that Lightning McQueen is perfectly alright. The first trailer depicted a rather brutal crash that had a lot of folks worrying whether or not the trailer was indeed safe for children to watch. As usual, it turns out that nothing can die in a kid’s movie.

The trailer contains some pretty big hints to the plot, so if you want to go into the movie completely blind, I suggest not watching this trailer and not reading further. That said, it seems that Lightning McQueen is once more being wooed by the mighty corporation. This time with the perfectly sound logic that with each race against a certain someone (Jackson Storm), McQueen always gets injured.

There’s just no point in him racing if he keeps nearly dying because of a rival. Since the trailer makes it look like McQueen is a Ford going up against Jackson Storm as a Ferrari, the corporation guys sound like they’re on the right track this time.

However, as usual, McQueen won’t let failure phase him. He’s got races to win gosh darn it because he’s the best and always will be. I won’t pretend to know the logic of Cars world, but in the real world technology and cars advance far too quickly for just one type of car to be capable of winning all races forever.

So where did the fancy not-Ferrari Jackson Storm come from and will others come after that better than him too? I think I have too many questions to really enjoy this movie, but it looks cute at least.

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