Gundam Versus Coming To PS4 Fall 2017

Bandai Namco has announced in a press release that Gundam Versus is coming to the PS4 in America for the first time in Fall 2017, and will be exclusive to the console. Gundam Versus will allow the player to choose between 90 mobile suits from the 35 years Gundam has been around and you will battle in 2v2 and 3v3 teams. Each mobile suit has custom weapons and skills that it can learn as you play to help defeat your enemies. There are also new mobility options for those that want to advance their gameplay strategies.

Vice president of marketing Eric Hartness has praised Gundam Versus for finally venturing to America and bringing with it “a highly engaged and energetic community,” and to further expand the audience of the franchise. It’s certainly always good to hear such popular Japanese franchises finally come over to the fans in America. Gundam is especially rare, so fans will likely be very happy about this.

Though some would say Gundam Versus doesn’t make for a very good game, and it does have an acquired taste. It is a very fast-paced shooter game, using a combination of long and short-range weapons to achieve your goals. There isn’t much a story, but most prefer the anime in that respect. But, if you like that sort of thing you’ll be able to pick it up before the year is out and play to your heart’s content.


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