Perception: 2017 Release Date And Trailer

Perception, the horror game I have been waiting with baited breath for, finally has a release date of May 30th, 2017 and will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game comes from a small batch of developers that worked on the BioShock series, including Bill Gardner who had worked with Irrational for over ten years. Their new studio is the Deep End Games and Perception is their first game, funded on kickstarter and now to be published by Feardemic.

Perception centers around a blind woman, Cassie Thornton, who has had visions of a mysterious mansion all her life. She finally finds it, and it is not at all the welcoming place she might have supposed. Placed in New England, the player wanders about the house and only able to see ahead of them through echolocation. Cassie is hunted by a horrific presence within the house, and of course the number one way to attract it, is to make noise. It’s up to the player to figure out what is going on and help Cassie escape in one piece.

According to Gardner himself, there are no guns in this game. No way to defend yourself except to hide, stay quiet, and hope. Not unlike Amnesia, except you can’t see at all what dangers are approaching you. And let me tell you, nothing is worse than your own imagination filling in the gaps when you’re surrounded by darkness. Nothing. Which I imagine is the intention of Perception.

Are you hyped for this game? Do you like the concept of it? Let us know in the comments!


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