PS4 Hits 60 Millionth Milestone In Sales

According to Sony’s financial report for fiscal year 2016-2017, the PS4 has hit yet another milestone in sales, with 60 million units sold. That’s a good 10 million increase from their report in December 2016.PS4 Hits 60 Millionth Milestone In Sales

For reference, the PS4 has already outsold the PS2 during its first few years as well. The numbers are already approaching the PS3’s lifetime sales as well, as Sony predicts 18 million for next year. This will put the consoles at nearly a tie with the PS4 only at four years, whereas the PS3 lasted about a decade.

That said, there are two up and coming consoles that still might outshine the PS4. The Switch has already sold nearly 3 million units and Microsoft has yet to release the Scorpio. I can see the Switch out-pacing the PS4, but I don’t think the Scorpio will. That beast is going to be too expensive for a long time before it trickles down and becomes affordable to younger gamers.

In addition to being a little illogical for those who already have a gaming PC or Xbox One and no 4K TV. Still, it looks like Sony is on the rise, profiting more and more each year from their gaming sector. Hopefully that means we’ll see more great games and more innovative ideas from one of our great gaming gods.


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