Ashes Of Creation MMO Meets Half Of Goal In 5 Hours

Only just today Intrepid Studios posted Ashes of Creation on Kickstarter and in the few hours it’s been live, they have already met over half of their goal. Indeed, you can watch the numbers go up as you watch the promotional video. This is certainly an accomplishment for any Kickstarter campaign, but this MMO has caught the interest of Nerd Much and we’d be remiss to pass it up.

For those that frequent Kickstarter, the MMO games to be found on there have begun to look pretty much the same. But Ashes of Creation stands out because they want every server to have a different story and each player’s experience will be unique.

I’m not sure how they plan on accomplishing this, but it certainly sounds amazing. Granted, in an MMO, usually your role-playing will make for a different experience in itself, but Intrepid seems to imply more than that. They want Ashes of Creation to become what players make of it, where a disaster can destroy an entire town or people can band together to defeat the dragon responsible.

The economy pillar of the game also sounds fairly unique, but not quite enough that I can be sure it’s completely different from other MMOs. True, the market is usually in background of MMOs, but it is always a necessary piece of the games. I’d like to learn more about this caravan function and how the economy actually effects the game itself.

If that wasn’t enough to hook you in, Intrepid Studios is made up of quite a few game development and design veterans, including people who have worked on EverQuest and Call of Duty. They’ve already got enough to make the base game, but they began the Kickstarter with a goal of $750,000 in order to further expand the game and their team. Judging by what million dollar budgets games usually have, this is fairly reasonable in comparison.

Does Ashes of Creation sound worth it to you? Let us know in the comments! Check out more upcoming MMOs of 2017 here.

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