WATCH: Darksiders 3 Reveal Trailer, Coming 2018

Update 5/2/17 1:49PM EST: IGN has the official reveal trailer as one of their IGN Firsts. Trailer is embedded above.

Darksiders III will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC at some point in 2018, according to Amazon jumping the gun with their product listing this morning.

The game has not been officially announced by THQ Nordic, but the product is apparently posted under their name. The listing offers a plethora of details, including artwork from the game, screenshots of gameplay, and a description summary of what the game is all about.Rumor: Darksiders III Coming Out December 31 2018

In line with the last two in the series, this game also features one of the Four Horsemen as the main protagonist. This time it is Fury, as she hunts down and disposes of the Seven Deadly Sins.

These sins and their servants apparently range from “mystical creatures to degenerated beings.” Also, you read right, that is a female protagonist for a Darksiders game. I couldn’t be more thrilled, especially since she doesn’t have anywhere near the tits and ass of Bayonetta.

Nonetheless, Fury is the more “unpredictable and enigmatic” of the Horsemen and she plans on restoring order where others have failed to.With her trusty whip and magical abilities as a mage, you can slowly unlock various forms that grant new weapons, moves, and traversal abilities.

The world is open, much like the previous games, where you steadily unlock certain areas as you level up. Though this isn’t a healthy world, the apocalypse has come and gone here. War has ravaged the land and now it lies in decay, “overrun by nature.” Like Dante before her Fury will travel from the “depths of hell” to the “heights of heaven.”

Darksiders III currently sits at $59.99 and unfortunately, a version for the Switch has not been listed. Darksiders II Remastered was on the Wii U, so there may still be hope for a future announcement for Switch owners.

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