Code Vein Announcement Trailer And Coming In 2018

Though I’m still a little disappointed that Code Vein isn’t in the watercolor paint art style of the first teaser trailer, this new announcement video makes up for it. Bandai Namco released this trailer for Code Vein today along with a release date for 2018. It’s only a quick look, but it’s enough to include a little gameplay, enemies, players, a lot of the game’s sprawling sets.

The gameplay is mostly the weapon-based combat, along with the aforementioned companion not-Navi character. According to Bandai, as the player wanders about in Code Vein‘s world, they can choose this companion among the various people they meet in the game. The strategy comes when you must choose who will compliment your play style the most. Mostly so that you or your companion don’t die within the first few hits because someone is in the way of the other.

Bandai also detailed a bit of the game’s story, since the trailer was pretty vague. Developed by Project Vein, this game centres around a post-apocalyptic world where our cities are in ruin and “pierced by the Thorns of Judgement.” Which I can only assume means humanity paid the price for avarice and other sins. Humans, it seems, don’t exist anymore. Those that are keeping the balance in this world are those called Revenants, living in a place called Vein. These special folks exchange memories for power and are thus cursed with a thirst for blood. But they must control it, or they will become part of the Lost, “fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity.”

What do you think of Code Vein so far? Need to see more gameplay first? Let us know in the comment below!


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