Nintendo 2DS Price Cut Along With New Slogan

2ds price cutWith the announcement of a Nintendo 2DS price cut, you can now play an incredible library of games for less than the price of a special edition game release.

On May 20, you will be able to buy the 2DS for a mere $80. That’s a full $20 price cut. Better yet, many of them already come with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed. Since that game retails for $30 by itself, you’ll be saving about $50 with this new price tag!

The Nintendo 2DS was their answer for a cheaper, more durable way to play some of their greatest 3DS games. Without the ability to slide on the 3D effects, parents wouldn’t have to worry about messing with a child’s developing eyes. Please keep in mind that there is no evidence that the handheld’s ugly design will hurt your eyes either.

Alongside the announcement of a 2DS price cut came something else that is pretty interesting. In the commercial that announced the trailer, there was something else that was stealthily released. Believe us when we say that the commercial itself is not really worth watching, but right at the end, we get to see Nintendo’s new ad campaign. 2ds price cutWhile this may not sound like anything of importance, a simple slogan can tell you a lot about a company. The slogan is a nice play on words that is easy to grasp the first time you read it. Nintendo wants to be the only place to get the classic “Nintendo quality” games. While some complain about the lack of new franchises, you can’t deny that the mainline Nintendo games feel great, play great, and are a joy in their simplicity.

This new slogan says all that with a clean, modern flair. With the Nintendo NX launching March 2017, we hope that this new slogan is a good sign of things to come. There’s a new Nintendo out there, and we like it.

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