Remedy’s Project 7: New Action Game in the Works

505 Games has announced that they have partnered with Remedy Entertainment to publish the studio’s next game, Project 7, and it’s going on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Remedy, the studio behind Quantum Break, has been using Project 7 as a codename for their new game, so keep in mind that it’s a title unlikely to stick. That said, the partnership has dropped a few hints on what the game is.Remedy's Project 7 To Come On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Project 7 is described as “a cinematic third person action game,” in a brand new IP for the studio, so no Alan Wake here. However it does sound like the studio will be taking another crack at the movie-video game hybrid like Quantum Break. We can only hope that the cutscenes are not nearly as long or boring. Seriously, there’s Metal Gear and then there’s watching IT employees have a conversation about lunch.

In addition, Project 7 will have “an intriguing story” and will be so good, you’ll always remember it as it has “the deepest game mechanics yet” for a Remedy game. CEO of Remedy Tero Virtala has sent in his two cents as well, stating that Project 7 is a “unique gaming experience” that will keep players coming back “for a long time to come.”

A lot of big talk and hype, as often usual for an unreleased game. I look forward to a game that lives up to such. It is quite possible for Remedy to have learned from the mistakes Quantum Break made, so it’s entirely possible that their next game will be a stroke of brilliance.

Do you think Project 7 can really be that good? Let us know in the comments below, and check out more upcoming games coming out soon.


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