Rumor: God of War On PS4 Will Release In September

A Portuguese retailer (why is it always the European ones), called Gaming Replay, has recently changed the release date for their God of War pre-order posting to September 14, 2017. Usually placeholder dates are the first or last day of a month, so it seems like this one might be fairly legitimate.Rumor: God of War On PS4 Will Release In September

Keep in mind, however, that this date has not yet been officially confirmed by Sony or Santa Monica Studios. Nonetheless, if it is announced in June at E3 that sounds like a pretty sweet release date so soon after the conference. This game has gotten a lot of hype since its announcement at last year’s E3. In fact, the trailer has been the most watched video on YouTube.

Not much is known about the game itself, other than the distinct Norse mythology theme. In lieu of the last few in game series, it is more than likely Kratos will be taking on the Norse pantheon. Which means he’ll be making his bloody way to the villain with plenty of the beautiful Freyja (generally considered to be the goddess of love, not to be confused with Frigg, the wife of Odin) in the meantime.

I had my hopes that Loki would not turn out to be the ultimate villain, as I find he is a rather easy target for ire. Instead, Odin would fill that space wonderfully, as in what we know of Norse mythology he never treated his fellow immortals very well. It would not take very much for developers to turn him into villain with his laundry list of brutal crimes, depending on your perspective.

Who do you think will be the villain of God of War? Are you looking forward to this release date in September? Let us know in the comments below!


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