Gunfire Games Release Darksiders III Gameplay Trailer

IGN has received a gameplay trailer for Darksiders III that is a whole 12 minutes long. In it, the player walks through a few environments before heading to the sewers, taking down a number of bugs before encountering a boss. Either player neglect to use some way to regain their health or the feature simply isn’t there yet, but they died during the first attempt at the boss. I found this inexplicably amusing, as there’s always a kind of expectation that a game developer knows best how to play their game.

The look of this game is what strikes me first. Everything looks like concept art, the painstakingly painted and detailed art pieces that usually end up as posters or t-shirts. This style, and the world, fits the shape and ideas of the main character, Fury, as well. I don’t want to say cartoony, but there is a certain exaggeration to her character design, something one might find reflected in Overwatch worlds more than Darksiders I or II (which have more in common with Diablo or God of War in my opinion). As such, her environment very much matches that style, like the almost too big stairs, the painted look of the cement and other backgrounds, and even the monsters.

Despite not being a fan of the series, this game looks like a lot of fun and I might just pick it up once it comes out sometime in 2018. I look forward to more gameplay clips, however, and I hope you do too.

If you’re a fan of the series, how does this one compare to the others? Let us know in the comments below.


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