Rumor: Overwatch To Celebrate Anniversary With In-Game Event

According to Reddit user and dataminer FailCraft, Overwatch has some information in the PTR code that hints at an upcoming event. Since the game’s anniversary is coming up soon on May 24th, FailCraft highly suspects that this event might be celebrating just that.

Inside the PTR code, FailCraft found the latest patch and within it, data (six pieces of it, to be exact) that might indicate new emotes, skins, and other loot for various characters. The event in question is titled with handy placeholder text “Event 6” but the latter items are not viewable, so FailCraft’s guess is as good as yours.

FailCraft also found evidence of the new maps that were recently announced by Jeff Kaplan on the Overwatch forums. Whether that gives credence to the anniversary event, is up to the reader’s discretion, but that seems like an easy thing to correlate with if you’re very up to date with Overwatch news.

That said, with Overwatch‘s rather wild success since launch and being awarded Game of the Year, it’s more than likely Blizzard is going to do something to celebrate the game’s anniversary. Though fans have been wanting another in-game event since Halloween, Blizzard has stated that it would no longer be holding similar events for the game. They never made entirely clear why, so hopefully this new year heralds a change of mind and some events to bring excitement to the game once more and maybe even new players.

Would you like Blizzard to hold a new in-game event for Overwatch‘s anniversary? Let us know in the comments below!


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