Deep Silver Says Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development

In a statement to Eurogamer, developers of the silent but not forgotten Dead Island 2, have spoken up to confirm that the game is still in development and progress is being made. No further information was provided, but it’s good to hear the game hasn’t been quietly cancelled or swept under the rug to make room for some other big title.Deep Silver Says Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development

Dead Island 2 was supposed to release sometime in the spring of 2015, but it never happened. There was some studio drama, and then Sumo Digital took over development from Yager (a company that quickly crashed afterwards, unfortunately).

It seems we have nothing to worry about, however, so we will have to see if anymore news comes out of the studio or the publisher. Hopefully it will be soon and it can compete with all the other amazing upcoming zombie games out there, like Days Gone and Dead Rising 4.

The last trailer for Dead Island 2, if you missed it back in 2014, displayed precisely the kind of humor we’ve come to know and love from zombie games. An infected human jogs his usual path with headphones in and doesn’t notice the destruction going on behind him.

The entire world is thrown into chaos as he finally turns into a proper zombie, still jogging along though with more of a limp this time. A van presumably containing the game’s heroes, does it’s best to run over all zombies on the street and stops to pick up the shoes from the now dead jogger. The camera zooms out to show a billboard of the jogger, apparently he was famous.

Are you glad Dead Island 2 isn’t dead yet? What are you hoping the second game will bring to the series? Let us know in the comments below!


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