Rumor: Far Cry 5 Goes West

After determining the rumored existence of Far Cry 5 from the same pre-order printing company employee that confirmed Assassin’s Creed: Origins, it seems Ubisoft is at least filming for it. According to Great Falls Tribune, at a small reservation between Poplar and Wolf Point in Montana, Ubisoft’s location manager Will Brewster found the perfect place to set the game’s stage.Rumor: Far Cry 5 Goes West

It’s the belfry of this old church that really caught Brewster’s attention. Apparently the film crew has been using a camera drone to fly around the belfry while two men fight under the bell to the sound of a train going by half a mile away. The footage is supposed to be for promotion of the game, so it looks like we might be getting a live-action trailer.

Though producer Jeff Guillot didn’t mention exactly which video game franchise this was all for, he did say that it would be a “sequel to an existing global franchise.” So we can make a fairly educated guess. Far Cry is the only upcoming game in Ubisoft’s franchise roster that takes place in anything resembling modern times. He also stated that the game would come out sometime in September, so hopefully we’ll hear about it come E3 at least.

Brewster and his crew also helped repair the belfry, and the small community is quite grateful for it. It was the least the crew could do, as the community couldn’t have been more welcoming when they arrived. According to Guillot, it was the first time he was immediately greeted by a film commissioner and the state tourism bureau with “goodies” for everyone. Something that Guillot says would never happen in California.

Or this belfry will feature in Assassin’s Creed: Origins and we’re all totally wrong.




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