New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Debuting at E3 2017, Coming 2018

According to industry insider RedMakuzawa, Kingdom Hearts III had a trailer ready to debut in April, but due to development issues, the new trailer will now debut at E3 2017. The insider also stated that the game would be coming out in 2018, with cuts in place so that there would be no more delay.Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 To Debut Trailer At E3 2017

The source, in this case, is somewhat reliable, but as always a grain of salt must be taken. Kingdom Hearts III has been much anticipated since the trailer release back in 2015. It was full of brand new weapons and combat features not really seen before in a Kingdom Hearts game.

More than just the standard heartless enemies make an appearance, as well as a hint for brand new characters like Rapunzel. The trailer also introduced much older character than the series normally portrays, hinting at thicker plots while playing a chess game.

Kingdom Hearts III is supposed to come to the PS4 and Xbox One, but even developer Tetsuya Nomura has stated that there were development issues earlier this year. Cuts, unfortunately, are a great likelihood and as result this rumor might very well be true and we’ll finally be getting a release date for this game.

It’s a little disappointing for a game that relies so heavily on intrigue and story will be getting cuts just to come out on time. As always, the pressure might be coming from the publishers themselves, in this case, Disney. The series has a very hardcore fanbase willing to throw money at the franchise, so a new game must be paramount to Disney.

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