Need For Speed Game Expected To Release In 2017

EA and developer Ghost Games have announced that there will be a Need for Speed game coming before the end of 2017.Need For Speed Game Expected To Release In 2017

Very few details have been given about the game itself, but EA has stated that more information will be coming to EA Play, EA’s E3 2017 event. Thus far, Ghost Games says the game will be “committed to customization”, among a few other features mentioned like off-road driving. The developers want their fans to be able to do what they want and go where they please in the new game, either to admire the view or test out your new ride. So it seems those police chases are not a thing of past quite yet.

I still don’t understand the need for an open world racing game, but Need for Speed fans seem to really like it if they keep making it like this. Personally, I play racing games to race, I’m not very interested in a plot or exploring one world or another. I get way more enjoyment watching the sunset while cruising into first and making that perfect turn on wet tarmac.

That said, there is one definitely positive change Ghost will be making: keeping Need for Speed offline. Unlike previous iterations, you do not have to be online to play this new 2017 Need for Speed. You can play the entire main campaign offline and you can even pause the game whenever you please. Granted, pausing mid-race is difficult but life does have to get in the way sometimes.

EA did not announce a release date, platforms, or official title, but the previous games came out on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Do you like open worlds in racing games? Are you glad that Need for Speed is finally all offline? Let us know in the comments below!


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