Nintendo Heading To E3 2017

Nintendo is coming to E3 after all! As usual, despite the company trying to downplay the importance of the event, they are hosting events from June 13-15 in Los Angeles. The headliner for their show this year will be Super Mario Odyssey, which will also be available on their showroom floor. Events will be beging with Nintendo Spotlight, Nintendo Treehouse, and game tournaments for both Arms and Splatoon 2.Nintendo Heading To E3 2017

Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

This event will be on June 13th at 9am PT and will feature details about Super Mario Odyssey, gameplay for the latter, and other Switch games that will be launching this year. You can watch all of these events live at Nintendo’s event site here.

Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3

This event will immediately follow Nintendo Spotlight and will focus on live gameplay of all upcoming games for the Switch and Nintendo 3DS that were announced at this and the previous event. Throughout all the exciting gameplay will be interviews and behind-the-scenes peek with the game developers themselves.

Arms & Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational on June 13th is all about gameplay on the Switch. Pre-selected teams from the US, Japan, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand will be competing in the first international Splatoon 2 tournament. Arms Open Invitational is much the same and takes place on June 14th, showcasing all the best gameplay of the game.

Of course, all these games will be available on the showroom floor starting at noon on June 13th and will include Super Mario Odyssey. I look forward to seeing what Nintendo has to offer for the Switch, and hopefully not just first-party games.

Do you think the Arms and Splatoon 2 events are a foray into eSports or just another of Nintendo’s long string of privately funded events? What do you hope to see from Super Mario Odyssey? Will the gameplay be as cool as the trailer made it look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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