Thief Game To Launch Alongside Film Adaptation

Last year in March, production company Straight Up Films announced that they would be making a Thief film adapted from the game series. Today they have revealed that the film will be released along with the fifth sequel of the game.Thief Game To Launch Alongside Film Adaptation

The film will be as much an action adventure as the game itself was, and will “tell a new chapter” of the series’ hero. So it seems the film will be less of an adaptation and more of sequel to the games, or at least a story told in the same universe as the game. But that same could be said for the Assassin’s Creed movie, and look how that turned out. Ubisoft tried to tell the same lacklustre story in the same lacklustre way they do in the video games.

Thief, however, is a much better video game in the first place. It is set in a steampunk world capable of electricity but not gun powder and a city much like Dunwall from Dishonored. The City, as it referred to in the game, is at the center of a conflict between corrupt aristocracy and religious fanatics, all being set upon not by rats or a plague, but by vengeful woodland creatures. A conspiracy is afoot of course, and The City is being watched by yet another party with mysterious motivations.

With Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (both known for horror movies like Broken and Blood River) writing for the film, we can at least be sure that the dark themes of the game will be accurately represented. Further amazing talent comes from the production team which includes Marisa Polvino (Transcendence), Kate Cohen (Jane Got A Gun), and Roy Lee (The Departed).

There is no word yet on exactly when the film or game will be released.


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