Microsoft Acquires Marketing Rights To Major Unannounced Game

Obviously, Microsoft is going to have a few AAA titles at E3 2017, or so we all very much hope. But this rumor hints that the major publisher has nabbed the marketing rights to a major AAA game — and it might be Assassin’s Creed: Origins. A few sources,

A few sources, Shinobi on Twitter, editor of Windows Central Jez Cordon, and few folks over at NeoGAF, have determined that this rumor is most likely to do with either AC: Origins or a VR/AR title.Rumor: Major Unannounced AAA Title Coming From Microsoft

AC: Origins seems unlikely, as Ubisoft titles are very rarely exclusive to one console or another. Keeping in mind that, Ubisoft has its own E3 conference and AC is one of their main franchises, so it’s unlikely that they are going to let that major reveal go another publisher’s presentation.

With recent reports of Microsoft’s Fluent Design, I’m inclined to agree with the VR/AR side. It’s, at least, the more mysterious of the two, as I would say it’s fairly obvious that an AAA game is going to appear at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

Whether or not it will be a good game and exclusive to the Xbox family, is up for debate. The most interesting upcoming games Xbox has right now as exclusives are Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and a smattering of indie titles like Cuphead. These are nowhere near enough to justify the Scorpio.

Editor’s note:

What I’m wondering is if this is, in fact, Microsoft having the marketing rights to Assassin’s Creed: Origins than should we expect to see Microsoft use the game as a showcase for the Scorpio, with the phrase “Plays best on Xbox Scorpio” (or whatever their new console actually ends up being called). It’s an interesting thought, certainly. I’ll also note that it’s possible (and the likely scenario) that Microsoft would grab the reveal and Ubisoft would then detail at their own conference (which will likely be Monday). It’s certainly an interesting scenario.


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