E3 2017 Fan Passes Are Officially Sold Out

According to the official E3 Twitter, all 15,000 of the fan passes, also known as those tickets sold to the general public, have been sold out. There has been a long standing debate on whether or not it’s good for E3 to be open to the public and both sides have had plenty of good points.E3 2017 Fan Passes Are Officially Sold Out

Those who would prefer to keep the public out lean on the points around crowd control. This often refers to the crowding on the showroom itself, and the long line-ups for certain game demos. Or during the conferences themselves, hecklers are very much not welcome among the press. We’re all nerds here, and we’re excited too, but there’s no need to interrupt to the presentation.

On the other side, some would say that it is about time. E3 has been a long running very boring conference up until the last four years or so. As such, only within the last two years has it become the huge stage show it is now.

With that, it seems only natural to let the public enjoy the show too. Indeed, this way our gaming gods (Ubisoft, Bethesda, Sony, and Microsoft) can interact with a public that isn’t already an expert on everything there is to know about the gaming industry. Seriously, with the amount of leaks we report on that turn out to be true, we are less and less surprised every year. I’m sure that the large publishing companies would be more than happy to talk the regular gamer rather than the Expert, as Microsoft so helpfully termed.

That said, we’ve got plenty of E3 2017 predictions along with a list of the dates and where you can watch the livestreams. Do you think the public should be allowed at E3? Do you think this influx of 15,000 normal gamers will be a boon to the publishers? Let us know in the comments below!


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