What is Runescape Next Gen?

In a livestream by Jagex Mod Shauny, he accidentally leaked a logo of what appears to be some kind predatory bird with the words “NextGen” below. Shauny was unfortunately caught by the internet before he could cut off the stream. The footage saved is below.

The poor guy is clearly fearing for his job in the video, but Reddit folks under r/mmorpg and the Runescape subreddit have all been doing their best to downvote the leaked content and keep it from getting too big. Well, that is until the press gets a hold of it I suppose. Luckily, it seems we’ve been given leave by Runescape moderator JagexOsborne, who has stated that accident happens and that people are free to pick it apart and speculate, but that no information will be forthcoming anytime soon.

That said, nothing is certain. We don’t know if NextGen is just another update to Runescape, a DLC, or a brand new game altogether. Most in the MMO community are stating that this is a fake just to hype up a more dramatic reveal than necessary for whatever Runescape has in their pocket. So at least that means Runescape has… something? Who knows if a new Runescape game is in the works, but we just might be able to add this to our upcoming MMOs list in the coming months.

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