Thief Sequel Will Not Release With Movie After All

Well, it turns out Straight Up made a bit of a mistake a little while go when they said that a Thief sequel would be launching alongside their film. According to a tweet from the head of Edios Montreal studios David Anfossi has made it quite clear that they are not developing the game. Anfossi posted a picture of a title page, reading “Thief 5,” next to a photo of the last game. He says all that is needed now is a team and budget, quickly followed by “forget it!”Thief Sequel Will Not Release With Movie Afterall

Straight Up has since removed the sentence on their site referring to the game, so it seems mistakes were made. So where did the idea come from? Edios Montreal would be the only studio to handle a Thief sequel, so this outright denial is definitely a surprise. It would be unlikely that Anfossi is lying or trying to dampen the hype, as such statements are normally not quite so passionate or sarcastic.

I had high hopes for another game, and am fairly disappointed to hear it won’t be coming. Nonetheless, we’re still getting a movie out of this. According to Straight Up, it will be a completely new story and will act as a sequel to the games. Expectations are certainly high due to the quality of the game, not that the games don’t have their downsides. Most downsides are to do with gameplay, however, like the guards being a little too easy to fool.

The Thief movie has no release date yet, but is slowly acquiring the necessary team to get it done. Were you looking forward to another Thief game too? Let us know in the comments below!


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