Nintendo Direct Announced For May 17th

Turns out the folks at NeoGAF were right and we have a Nintendo Direct in store for us just before E3 2017. Nintendo has announced today that they will be hosting a Nintendo Direct on May 17th at 3pm PT. It will apparently be taking a “deep dive” into ARMS and will include a “bonus” Splatoon 2 trailer at the end. Which means we will be treated to at least half an hour of gameplay on a game most people aren’t that hyped for in the first place.Nintendo Direct Announced For May 17th

When we were speculating what this Nintendo Direct would be about, we assumed that ARMS wouldn’t be on the schedule because they focused on it during the last Nintendo Direct as well. We were having more lofty hopes like the next Pokémon, and something on the Mario Odyssey.

But since Nintendo seems to be pushing ARMS like it’s the next Zelda, we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of it in the future. It won’t stop at this Direct, we’ll see more gameplay at E3 too, hopefully available on the showroom too for the press to try out.

Though if there is an entire hour of ARMS gameplay during Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation, I just might have to skip it. I have too many questions about the game that cannot be answered by someone bought and paid for by Nintendo to tell me how great it is. I need to know how the game feels, how responsive the controls are, how difficult the learning curve is, and if it is possible to “cheat” the motion controls. No, I will not be convinced with watching gameplay.

Would watching more gameplay convince you that ARMS is a great game? Are you skeptical of the game too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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