Wild West Online Won’t Require A Kickstarter Or Early Access

According to PC Gamer, Wild West Online will no longer be needing that $250,000 Kickstarter that was originally planned when the game was first revealed. The announcement was popular enough to gain quite few fans, so much so that 612 Games’ initial investors decided to provide additional funding. Due to this sudden influx, Wild West Online will has the usual alpha and beta phases, but no Early Access.Wild West Online Won't Require A Kickstarter Or Early Access

The influx included “thousands of emails and over 200,000 site visits,” which has not only prompted the lack of Kickstarter and Early Access, but allowed the studio to include playable female characters, in-game card games (Gwent, anyone?), localization, and several expansions. All goals that were far too lofty and in the unforeseen future until now.

Creative vice president of publisher DJ2 Stephan Bugaj has happily stated that this kind of amazing response “is something we never imagined” and that it ushered in “a more robust Western experience” for their new fans. Bugaj seems just as excited as said fans are to get this game out onto PC and let others enjoy what has been so lacking in the PC community of games.

If you’d like to sign up for the alpha or beta tests of the game, be sure to check out their website here. Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan too and what you really hope to see in Wild West Online!



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