Blizzard Reveals Three New Maps For Overwatch

According to the official Overwatch Twitter account, the game will have three new “arena” maps that will be included in the soon to come Overwatch Anniversary celebration on May 23rd. The maps look to be set in pre-existing areas like Eichenwalde, Temple of Anubis, and Dorado. It was not made clear exactly what “arena” maps are, and if they are just normal maps or if it is a part of the “not quick play or competitive” mode maps that Kaplan mentioned last month.

A new mode altogether would certainly revive the game, not that it really needs reviving. Blizzard has certainly made sure that the game will never tire of new content for old players. Nonetheless, I can’t help but wonder what the mode might be, if it is an expansion of the game’s 1v1 or 3v3 modes or something entirely new. As of now, only Ecopoint: Antarctica is the only map that hosts the latter modes. What would the objective be? Would the objective vary depending on the map?

As to the maps themselves, all of them certainly look interesting. The first shows mainly a statue of someone, the second a place where Sombra is likely at home, and the third a comely village set in a rainy forest. That’s right, rain. Weather hasn’t been seen before in the games, so who knows if this will have any affect on gameplay at all. It’s only rain, but it could imply an entire weather system. In addition, I’m pretty sure that’s a windmill swinging into view at the top of the screen. What I want to know is if I can climb it and if I can ride on the vane.

What kind of affect do you think a weather system could have on Overwatch gameplay? What do you think of these new maps? Let us know in the comments below!



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