Upcoming VR Headset From Vive Doesn’t Require Phone Or PC

On their website, HTC Vive has revealed a brand new VR headset that will run on Google’s Daydream platform, but not require a phone or PC to operate. Thus far it’s titled as a “standalone VR” that is “lightweight” and “delivers [an] unparalleled VR experience.” It will be coming sometime later this year, but no specific date was announced. The reveal also didn’t mention any technical specifications, if it will run games that already exist on the HTC Vive, or how much it might cost.Upcoming VR Headset From Vive Doesn't Require Phone Or PC.

The current HTC Vive is the best and most expensive VR headset on the market at the moment, running at about $800 USD. To be the best, it also requires a rather hefty PC to operate, along with a rather elaborate set up that some consider not worth the trouble. Especially when in the mean time of not using it, the set up is sitting in your living room collecting dust.

That said, the next best bet was a VR that operated via your phone like Google’s Pixel or Cardboard. Though that has been pretty good, it generally requires a rather new phone and thus an additional $200-500 cost. So the goal has been to find something equally portable, that doesn’t kill your phone, isn’t too heavy, can be worn with glasses on, and doesn’t require a hefty wire.

It’s been a experimental road to be sure, and certainly a lot more mainstream than VR ever was before. It will be very interesting to see where this road leads and what this new wireless version will bring to the VR market.

Would you buy this new headset? Would the price limit your decision? What kind of specs do you think it will have? Let us know in the comments below!


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