Destiny 2 Livestream Details: Gameplay And Modes Galore

The livestream for Destiny 2 is over already and Bungie had so much to show us. First and foremost, Destiny 2 will be out September 8th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Game director Luke Smith opened the presentation, telling us what every Destiny fan wants to hear: “always someone to play with.” This phrase means so much and it seems like Bungie has built upon everything that was great about Destiny and improved what wasn’t so great.Destiny 2 Livestream Details: Gameplay And Modes Galore

For example, the Crucible is now 4v4 for all modes. Trails, raids, and nightfall will be available to all players through something brand new called Guided Games. Now anyone can join a Clan for either that one mission or become a member for as long or as short as they like. A great system when finding five other people to play with gets a little tough, or when new players want to take a crack at the team multiplayer.

If all that wasn’t enough, not only will Destiny 2 be on the PC, but that version will be, for the first time ever, on Blizzard’s network. The PC version will be even be leaving consoles’ locked 30fps to a completely unlocked frame rate for those of us that want to try and match gameplay to cut scene graphics.

Bungie revealed a little of the story campaign as well, as the first mission was shown via trailer and on the showroom floor. Homecoming, as the mission is called, shows the Cabal forces attacking the Tower to the point of running it into the ground. Odds are not good at the beginning of Destiny 2, as players lose everything they’ve built in the first game, including their supers and vaults.

But you can get it all back! Just defeat commander Ghaul-not-Gary and you’ll be set! There’s much more, of course, or so Bungie implies. There will be new strikes, PvP modes (like Countdown, where you can bomb an opponents base and then guard it), one raid (thus far), weapons, and powers. There are also new planets and areas: Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus. All of which have their own stories and missions for the player to explore either with friends or solo.

Other updates are more software related to a more streamline menu and how weapons work as you upgrade them. There are new class powers too, including Dawnblade, the Titan’s Sentinel, the not-Captain-America-shield, and the Arcstrider. The trailer makes all of these looks pretty badass, but we’ll see how they look in the game.

You’ll also be able to travel anywhere in the world without having to go into orbit, a relief to veteran players around the world. That said, it still looks a lot like Destiny 1 just got a major update, rather than a brand new game. But who knows, we’ll see as more is revealed and the game launches this fall.

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