LawBreakers is Coming to PS4

Boss Key studios has released a trailer announcing their very first game, LawBreakers for the PS4. No release date yet, but we will be seeing more at E3 this year. There was no mention of whether the game will be coming on any other system, but CEO of Boss Key Productions Cliff Bleszinski states that LawBreakers will be a digital-only title for $30. He cites that “discs are like voicemail, so ten years ago.”

With such a low price, Bleszinski wants to make clear that there will be no season passes or “pay-to-win” deals. They don’t want to fragment their player base or pollute matchmaking with such incentives and exclusive content in bad taste. LawBreakers will be a game with an even playing field, where highly-skilled and average players can come to test their skills.

That said, LawBreakers takes place in a world where the Moon has exploded and the resulting consequences have forced Earthlings to live without our usual gravity. Society eventually recovers, according to Bleszinski, and uses “new gravity anomalies to rebuild and advance.” Which is really just a big excuse to have a fast-paced, bouncing, floating FPS. It is apparently a game that Bleszinski and his team have always wanted to play; flying jet-packs, and all.

Some of the unique features of the game include a healer that “can simultaneously heal two teammates at once” and attack enemies at the same time like no big deal. Bleszinski also states that you can “blind-fire behind you with any ranged weapon.” I can’t even fathom how that will work in real gameplay and if you would even use it, but it sounds wonderfully badass.

Again, no release date yet but we’re sure to see LawBreakers at E3 2017.


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