Days Gone Going Big At E3 2017

Sam Witwer, who voices the main character of Days Gone, teased very briefly in one of his Twitch streams that “Days Gone will be at E3 next month in a big way… In a big way.” He left it at that and provided no further details as to what exactly he meant.Days Gone Going Big At E3 2017

Theories have been abound regardless, however. Some believe that Spider-Man on the PS4 will be just as “big” at E3 as Days Gone will apparently be, as quite a few gamers have been waiting a long time for another Spider-Man game to come around. We will at least be getting a title for the game, and we can finally stop calling it “Spider-Man on the PS4.”

Personally I think Days Gone will be the main show runner, a theory based on the PS4 Pro presentation. Sony seems keen on pushing this game, and (thus far) for good reason. It looks about as high fidelity as Horizon Zero Dawn and with creative gameplay too.

That hoard Deacon (the main character) had the fight off in the trailer was a fairly cool scene. The story may be as uncreative as the Bird Flu with bounty hunter number 34, but gameplay has always been the high point of any zombie game. With the many different enemy types revealed thus far, there will likely be an wide variety of ways to take them down too.

Whichever theory is true, the “big way” is sure to mean a release date and another gameplay trailer. Maybe we’ll even be able to play it at E3!

What do you hope to see from Days Gone at E3? Let us know in the comments below!


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