Overwatch Anniversary Officially Commences May 23-June 12

Blizzard has finally launched the Overwatch Anniversary event with a stellar video showcasing what the Game of the Year edition will include, the loot, the skins, and the maps. So let’s get started!

The Prices:

These sale prices end 11:59pm PDT on June 5. The plain jane Overwatch copy is a whole ten bucks off, going from $39.99 to $29.99. The Game of the Year edition is (digital copy only, for now) $39.99. After June 5th, it will be $59.99. However if you already own Overwatch, you’re in quite a bit of luck. You can upgrade for only $9.99 and once the offer is over, it’ll be $19.99.

The Loot:

There are now over 100 new items added to the standard loot boxes. New skins, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, and highlight intros. All for nearly every Overwatch hero, and credits for more, in case you want to further customize your favorite character.

The Maps:

The first is called Castillo, it looks like lovely Tuscan villa I would love to live in or visit some day. I also noticed an old canon to one side of the made shown in the video. A clever touch, in my opinion.

The second map is called Black Forest, referring to the ever-famous Schwarzwald in Germany. Granted, there isn’t a broken robot decaying there in real life, but it looks lovely in Overwatch. More for fans to wonder what happened to it. There is a windmill as well, though I still want to know if I can hang out on the vanes. The rain makes another appearance in that map, still no mention if the weather will have any effect on gameplay.

The last map is called Necropolis and is a little more ambiguous. It looks to be placed in the desert with sandstone tombs and palm trees scattered throughout.

The Skins:

The new skins that will be available during the anniversary event are Origins skins. These include Blackwatch Reyes for Reaper, Strike-Commander Morrison for Soldier: 76, Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Pharah, and Slipstream Tracer.

The Other Blizzard Games Content:

If you’re playing Diablo III, you can now don Mercy’s Wings. In StarCraft II, player portraits of  Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Winston, Bastion, and Soldier: 76 are available now. Blizzard also offers a Hearthstone card back in Overwatch theme. My personal favorite is the World of Warcraft addition. You can get a Baby Winston Pet that will fight at your side and is highly intelligent. Someone take a picture, because that sounds adorable. Not to be left out, in Heroes of the Storm you can jump into battle with Tracer, kicking ass and taking names.

What do you think of all this new content? Let us know in the comments below!


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