Xbox Games With Gold For June

Xbox has announced their titles for those of us lucky enough to have Xbox Games with Gold. The titles include Speedrunners, Watch Dogs, Phantom Dust (with multiplayer packs), Assassin’s Creed III, and Dragon Age: Origins. Some of these games may not need announcing, but here’s a quick summary of each just in case.

Speedrunners (June 1-30):

Speedrunners is a pixelated platformer running game, where you play against 3 other players. You can pick up various power-ups and tools to help speed your way to the finish line or blast opponents out of the way, like rockets, grappling hooks, environmental advantages, and an array of weapons.

Watch Dogs (June 16 – July 15):

You sure won’t forget it’s a Ubisoft game. You don’t need to play this one for Watch Dogs 2 to make sense, but it’s good practice with the hacking mechanic. As the infamous Aiden Pearce, you hack the city to hunt down those who were responsible for hurting your family. You’ll be able to hack the city’s cameras, control traffic lights, manipulate public transit, obtain personal information about your target, and so much more.

Phantom Dust (3 Multiplayer DLC packs, June 1-30):

A 2004 action-strategy game blast from the past. The game’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, with a main character that has conveniently lost his memory so that the player can find out along with the protagonist what happened and how to fix it. The gameplay has elements of Hearthstone-like mechanics, as you use cards to build your skill deck. Included with Phantom Dust on Games with Gold, will be three multiplayer packs of various items to give you leg up.

Assassin’s Creed III (June 1-15):

This is the one with Conar, the Native American assassin with serious daddy issues. Gameplay is the usual hack and slash, but with the benefit of various axes, hatchets, poison darts, and a bow. You can also climb trees for the first time in the series. The game is placed in America around 1775, during the War of Independence (Conar does not represent the role of Native Americans during this time period, just to be clear). Conar struggles against his father’s philosophies and strives to gain independence both in America and in his father’s eyes.

Dragon Age: Origins (June 16-30):

The first of the Dragon Age series. For those not willing to spend the money on this old school BioWare game, you can finally give it a go for free. You play as a Grey Warden this time, during the Fifth Blight, a world-ending war with orc-like creatures known as Darkspawn. It’s a really good RPG, but you’ll have to struggle through the combat; it’s slow and not a little agonizing if you’re not a mage.

Which of these games are you planning on trying out? Let us know in the comments below!


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