Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Have No Footage At E3

According to a comment on developers of Beyond Good and Evil 2‘s Instagram, Michel Ancel stated that we won’t be seeing any of the upcoming game at E3 this year. Despite fans wanting even the smallest of glimpses, Ancel was adamant that E3 was not the place to the studio was going show off anything from Beyond Good and Evil 2. However he did give some hope, saying that we should hear more about the game “sometime this year.”Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Have No Footage At E3

Despite no E3 showing, it is good to hear the game is still being worked on since the announcement from Ubisoft came last year and the first game came out in 2003. Though Beyond Good and Evil was critically acclaimed, it did not do well with consumers themselves.

Perhaps the game was just a little to strange for the time period, despite 2003 being rather full of strange games. It was certainly a year in the study of movies turned into video games, that’s for sure. The game did get another chance with the HD release in 2011, and that seemed to bring more fans to the cult.

Of this new game, however, it has not been made clear if it is a sequel, prequel, or just inspired by the original title. According to Ancel and Ubisoft, we should be seeing more planet exploration and space travel than before. It will certainly be interesting to see how such an old game is rebooted into the modern age. Technology has made leaps and bounds since 2003, it might effect the new game in ways we can’t even imagine.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has no release date yet or which systems it might be one.


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