The Last Night Release Date (Updated!)

**Updated 12/27/18: The Last Night won’t make it into 2018, clearly, and it has been delayed indefinitely. Likely, we’ll see it re-emerge in 2019. 2018 was a quiet year for Odd Tales, makers of the game, and even their Twitter account is filled with mostly retweets and virtually 0 news. We’ll keep you posted as we hear an official Last Night release date, but for now, all is quiet. Expect late 2019 if we had to venture an educated guess.**

—-Original Article Posted June 2017 during E3—–

Among the string of indie games Microsoft presented at E3 today, comes The Last Night. A Blade Runner-inspired platformer in pixelated form. In this post-cyberpunk world, people fight for a purpose of to live in a world run completely by AI. Human labor has been rendered completely obsolete. Purpose, in The Last Night, is defined by what people consume, not what they create.

Charlie, the player’s character, is a lower class citizen who is unable to interface with the many cyberpunk aspects of the world, augmentations and the like. Charlie can never quite belong in this world, but one day, a chance comes along to change that. He is given the opportunity to belong to something else altogether and take matters into his own hands.

A very fascinating premise and we’re very interested to see how it plays out. It could speak volumes about our society today and where it might go one day.

The Last Night is exclusive to the Xbox One and PC and will release sometime in 2018.

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