Metro Exodus Is A “Sandbox Survival” Game

In an interview with PC Gamer on the E3 showroom floor, executive producer Josh Bloch stated that Metro Exodus will be played mostly above ground as a “sandbox survival” game with plenty of non-linear levels. In fact, the demo itself is one such level, which appears later in the game. Bloch explains that the level is a “mix of classic gameplay” from previous iterations in the series and “this new non-linear style.”Metro Exodus Is A "Sandbox Survival" Game

Bloch goes on to the compare Metro Exodus to the studio’s past Stalker games, as it isn’t entirely open-world so much as it is a “sandbox survival and everything is tied together with an overarching storyline that still carries the player through.”

For those wondering exactly what that storyline entails, Bloch was kind enough to explain that too. Metro Exodus takes place after the good ending to Metro: Last Light. The main character Artyom returns and he must gather a group of other survivors to get on a train and escape Moscow once and for all.

The game, as mentioned before, is to span an entire year. Thus, when you move from one area of the world to another, it changes seasons with new wildlife and everything. In addition, each new area will have “different societies [and] different ideologies” for the player to deal with. Especially when these characters change depending on what the player does in the game, and each will react to events differently.

Metro Exodus is due in 2018 on the Xbox One and PC (thus far).

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