Sony’s PlayLink Allows Co-op Play Without Extra Controllers

You may have missed it during E3 2017, but Sony announced a brand new program called PlayLink. This is a new feature that allows couch co-op multiplayer without the need to pass around extra controllers. Instead, your friends can use their phones. There does not seem to be a limit on how many can join, though I’m sure it depends on the game what role each additional player will take.

Thus far, only five games have been announced for the program, including Singstar Celebration, That’s You, Frantics, Knowledge is Power, and Hidden Agenda. Singstar Celebration is karaoke with your phones as the mic. That’s You is a party game like charades or twenty questions.

Frantics is a series of mini-arcade games that you can play with up to three other friends, ranging from puzzles to all out battles. Knowledge is Power is a timed trivia game. Last but not least is Hidden Agenda, a much more interesting game from Supermassive studios. This is a narrative-driven detective thriller, where you and your friends investigate a crime and make tough moral decisions.

Though most of the upcoming games for PlayLink are focused on the party aspect of getting together with friends, Sony hopes that PlayLink can bring together both hardcore gamers and those who have never played video games before. By using the mobile controls instead, it allows people who find the Dualshock controller too frustrating to play with the more familiar controls of their mobile devices.

In an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan stated that Sony plans on being “really serious” about PlayLink. With the first game That’s You coming in July, Ryan says there is a lot of “meaningful marketing activity around it.” For example, That’s You will be available with PlayStation Plus so that there is “an opportunity to have potentially millions of people sample it.”

Ryan also makes it clear that Sony definitely plans on bringing more third-parties into PlayLink and they will be priced at about $25.

What do you think of PlayLink? Is just another gimmick like the Kinect or do you think Sony is actually onto something there here? Let us know in the comments below!


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