Destiny 2 Release Date Moved Forward To September 6

Speaking with GamesRadar, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith stated that Bungie will be pushing the release date of Destiny 2 forward from September 9 to September 6, 2017. The reasoning being that a Wednesday launch, as opposed to a Friday one, will put less stress on the servers and hopefully be less frustrating for players.Destiny 2 Release Date Moved Forward To September 6

Smith states that it’s a matter of logistics and technical diligence, as Bungie games have the highest concurrency on the first Saturday of their release. This earlier date allows the technical team to time make sure the server can handle the flood the weekend will likely bring. They can “adjust the scalability” if more people than originally anticipated join the game.


A smart move on Bungie’s part, as the servers crashing on the Saturday would be disastrous to the game and the player base. Nonetheless, the truly hardcore fans will be in the beta, which is coming soon, and pre-ordered the game. Pre-orders have earlier dates as well, allowing players full access on July 18 if they order the PS4 version and July 19 for the Xbox One.

In addition, despite the earlier release date for consoles, Destiny 2‘s date for PC remains unchanged. The latter will be available on October 24, 2017.


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