Assassin’s Creed Origins Will Have Reduced Icon Clutter

In an interview with PC Gamer on the E3 2017 showroom floor, Assassin’s Creed: Origins creative director Jean Guesdon revealed that the game will have a new quest system that fixes the issue of icon clutter on your map. Having recently gotten back into Far Cry 4, icon clutter on a Ubisoft map is just the definition of Ubisoft. I think we all accepted how Ubisoft builds their open worlds with little, useless, tasks for the player to get lost in.Assassin's Creed Origins Will Have Reduced Icon Clutter

Guesdon seems keen on changing that however, stating that there have been three main things the development team have reworked for the series. Previous games had what Guesdon calls “a mission system,” which he says are good for telling the story bit by bit, chapter by chapter – a main story with side activities that did not support the narrative. I’m so glad someone at Ubisoft has realized this. It only took them a few years.


Thus, in Origins, the team has embraced “a quest system, more more [like an] RPG” where there are still plenty of quests throughout the world, but they also allow the player to meet different people and explore a different story per quest. Guesdon says that they wanted “give a lot of meat to the world” while still making sure the player understood what was going on. Especially with the sprawling setting of Ancient Egypt, Guesdon wanted to make sure that all the research went into great quests within the game.

This could be a great improvement, or could be a slight and perhaps useless twist on an already flawed idea. What do you think of a quest system in Assassin’s Creed? Let us know in the comments below!

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