Visceral’s Star Wars Details Leaked

According to a leak from Making Star Wars, Visceral’s Star Wars game will have another main character, a lady by the name of Robie Mattox. She is in her early thirties and a gunslinger to boot. She has the attitude to match her lifestyle and only one who the other main character, Dodger, can trust. Described as the “other main hero,” Mattox will likely be taking the wheel in a sequel to the game “down the road.”Visceral's Star Wars Details Leaked

As per usual, Mattox’s parents “were killed when she was young,” a detail most heroes have, even the ones outside of Star Wars. She was promptly “taken in by the Wandering Star,” an apparent “crime family,” which sounds a lot like Starlord’s history from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mattox isn’t defined by her lack of parents, however, as she’s got weird quirks like an extreme distaste for artificial life, especially droids. This poses a problem, as Dodger’s field medic is a droid, but it seems her close relationship with Dodger keeps her in good graces. Together with Dodger, they assembles the crew for what is presumably the beginning of the game.

Visceral’s Star Wars has yet to reveal a release date or a proper title.

Source: Making of Star Wars

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