City Of Brass Coming 2017 From Ex-BioShock Devs

City of Brass is a new game coming from Uppercut Games, a studio compiled of mainly ex-BioShock and Epoch developers. The game is clearly inspired by Epoch, as it is a brawler consisting mainly of combat and varying fighting styles in first person mode.

It has been described as adhering to a kind of Arabian Nights and Indiana Jones aesthetic, only with robots and permadeath. Certainly a little different than what Disney will have you believe.

Without spreading cultural appropriation all over the place, the Australia-based studio has created an ingenious attack and defense survival game. The city is filled with traps and enemies ready at a moments notice to cut the player down, so you really have to be ready for anything.

Replayability is clearly central to City of Brass, as with each session, players must hone their skills and learn how to better manipulate the environment around them. Including the ability to turn enemies against each other, one of the traps possible within the game.

You can loot to heart’s content and trade the loot with genies located around the city in order to upgrade your armor and magically infuse your weapons. Your choice of weapons includes a variety of blades and whips. If you’re thinking that maybe a whip is a little useless, you can use the whip to swing to safety or gain higher ground, or even grab objects too high to reach.

The objective of the game is that you make your way to the city’s heart, where the ultimate treasure can be found. But you have to survive the torrent of enemies first.

City of Brass will be coming to PC via Steam sometime this fall, and the PS4 and Xbox One console versions will be released in 2018. So be sure to mark your calendars, as this is one brawler worth checking out.

Source: Uppercut Games


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