Overwatch Cheaters: Blizzard Confirms Permanent Bans

overwatch cheatersOverwatch cheaters will finally have something to worry about. Blizzard has confirmed that anyone caught cheating or hacking with be banned for good.

According to the developer’s forum, “If a player is found to be cheating–or using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage–that player will be permanently banned from the game. Full stop.” They continue, “We’ve always taken cheating in Blizzard games very seriously, and that stance is no different for Overwatch.”

We find this harsh penalty completely refreshing. Like Blizzard, we believe that cheating ruins the balance and flow of a game. If you’re stuck in a lobby with cheaters, you’re not going to be enjoying yourself. More companies should take this approach, especially when the game is multiplayer online only.

In addition to their own monitoring, there will also be a way to report a player in-game. This doesn’t ban players immediately, but instead warns the developer of suspicious activity. You can also submit information directly to Blizzard though [email protected]. Keep in mind that while you won’t receive a response, they still check the mail as it comes in.

Just this past weekend, 9.7 million players logged in to play the Overwatch Beta. Interestingly enough, Blizzard has already made tweaks to the game and kicked out some players in the beta who were caught cheating. Overwatch cheaters will not be tolerated, and we are very happy about that. Thanks Blizzard!

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