Destiny 2 Beta Trailer

With Destiny 2‘s beta coming up fast starting July 18, Bungie has seen fit to present us with a short teaser trailer showcasing exactly what you’ll be able to do. The activities include the opening story mission Homecoming (of which we saw a little of in Bungie’s initial trailers for the game), Inverted Spire Strike mission (a mostly combat based quest with little story involvement), Crucible (the competitive multiplayer section that includes two modes, Control and Countdown), and The Farm (the new social space that acts as your basecamp as well).

Keep in mind that these won’t all come at once. The Farm is only available July 23 at 10am PT for one hour, and not all services will be online. The Clan feature that was featured at E3 2017 won’t be supported by the beta either, as well as any character progression. All progression will be wiped when the game is officially released come September 6 on the PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.

If you have pre-ordered Destiny 2, you’ll be able to play starting July 18 on the PS4, July 19 on the Xbox One, and PC early access doesn’t have a precise date yet other than sometime in August. For those that did not pre-order the game, the beta begins July 21 until July 23.

If this trailer confirms to you that Destiny 2 is nothing more than a DLC too big for the original Destiny, keeping in mind that things like The Farm are rather new. According to Bungie, it’s going to evolve over time as players interact there and customize their characters. In addition to the new Raid that Bungie has only vaguely referred to as “unlike anything we’ve done.” With such strong words, hopefully the gameplay will be able to back up such a claim and keep players interested and involved. At least, more than they were for the first game.


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