Wild West Online Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Wild West Online has been revealed and it looks like developers 612 Games have a lot to offer. The video gives everyone a glimpse of what the town and country look like, the town activities, combat, and a short mission to collect a bounty.

The town looks almost exactly like it did in the first few photos we saw, now with a saloon, clothing store, and sheriff’s office. At the saloon, you can start brawls with other players, steal whiskey as long as no one is looking, talk to NPCs for quests, and partake in the saloon’s many services. In the sheriff’s office, you can apply to be a deputy, or you can take a look at the wanted bulletin board.

In this video, executive producer Stephan Bugaj decides to take a few of the wanted posters as missions. Thus, he goes out to nearest rest cabin. Here, you can rest to regain health and stamina, change clothes, and craft. Why he went there in the first place, however, is to use the fast travel feature. From this cabin, he goes to another in a pine forest. The graphics are not exactly Horizon Zero Dawn, but they are certainly much better than I expected for an MMO. This can be seen more clearly as Bugaj stops to take in the scenery for a few moments.

Bugaj then goes to find his friend Mike, who he will be conducting the raid with, to collect one of the bounties he signed up for. At the campsite Mike built, you can usually do much the same as you can at a rest cabin. Once night falls, the team of two go out to bandit’s camp and manage to kill the wanted outlaw. Though not before the guy kills Mike, but not to worry, there is not permadeath in Wild West Online.

The video ends there and in celebration of this reveal, 612 Games is offering exclusive content for those that preorder the closed alpha and beta. You can receive a saddle, horse, and gun cosmetic skins. This offer expires on July 20th.

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