The Dark Tower Trailer Reveals New Footage

As The Dark Tower‘s release date approaches, Sony Pictures has revealed another trailer for the film. The trailer finally shows a bit more of the film, adding a few action scenes, magic, and lines from Matthew McConaughey’s character the Man in Black.

The action scenes include Gunslinger, as played by Idris Elba, in the midst of some apparently intense combat. He shows off the various methods of the fast reload the Gunslinger is so famous for. We also witness the Man in Black catching what is implied to be a bullet from hitting him in the back of the head. Though I suppose it could be a bug too, but let’s give the movie the badass benefit of the doubt.

We also get a closer glimpse of one of the non-human creatures within the film’s world. It appears to have a large skull-like head and face, with bright sinew and muscles making up its body. I could be wrong, but it’s also seems to be wearing a vest much like the Man in Black. Perhaps he is capable of transformation on top of all his other magical abilities. I’m not sure if magic is what they call it in The Dark Tower universe, but that’s what I’m going to say until further notice.

More of the same battle that has bookended each previous trailer as well, where the Man in Black taunts the Gunslinger into action. The Man in Black is shown wielding a small flame in his hand, though he appears to shake it off more than plan on using it for anything.

The new lines come from the Man in Black, which state that the Gunslinger ought to get used to the carnage involved in their battle and that anyone who knows the Gunslinger usually ends up dead. Both are purred in a hushed tone that would make Garrus Vakarian jealous.

The Dark Tower will premier on August 4, 2017.


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