Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie Trailer

Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie was announced back at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con as a part of Nickelodeon’s made-for-TV movies based on 90s classic cartoons. This series currently includes The Wild Thornberries, Rocko’s Modern Life, and the much beloved Invader Zim. At the time of the Con, creator Craig Barlett stated that the movie will finally answer who Arnold’s parents are and what happened to them.

This short trailer certainly shows just that, giving us a brief look at the updated characters. The film takes place two years after the original series ended, which was June 2004. As such, in the movie Arnold is just finishing up the 5th grade and will be going into 6th grade. His new look hasn’t changed much but he has a new jacket, and his friends are slightly updated too. Phoebe especially, looks much more confident and like your average TV version of the IT girl.

In this trailer, Barlett explains that the movie will begin in the neighborhood where Arnold lives. The one fans will remember from the show, though I’m sure it will get an update too. Cleaner lines and less static backgrounds drawn in advance. The animation industry has sure come a long way since the 90s.

However it won’t take long for Arnold and crew to find themselves in a South American jungle. Barlett states that the majority of the film will take place here, in a made up country called San Lorenzo. The trailer ends with a cliffhanger just like the season finale in 2004 did, but it looks an awful lot like an exciting treasure is ahead of Arnold and crew.

Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie will premiere November 23, 2017. Are you looking forward to this come back? Will you be re-watching Hey Arnold for nostalgia’s sake before the movie comes out?


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