Nintendo Switch Arms Update Out July 12

In the update that goes live tomorrow, Nintendo will be including a new character, stage, and mode for their headliner game on the Switch, Arms. The character is the recently announced Max Brass, who is essentially what his name implies; a heavyweight brawler that can take quite a few hits and give them too. Though his hits take more time, his arms will keep their charge, even when his health gets low. Max Brass also has three special arm sets, Nade (will explode upon impact), Roaster (low accuracy but high flame damage), and Kablammer (combines smashing and explosions).Nintendo Switch Arms Update Out July 12

The new stage is an outdoor one called Sky Arena. It is placed onto top of a very high skyscraper, which means you better be careful about falling or enjoying the view too much. Especially when there are a few very intimidating statues of Max Brass himself all around the arena.

The new mode that comes with the update is described by Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki to Eurogamer as “a fight between two or three players there’s a Hedlok mask players battle over, and when you get the mask your own character can turn into Hedlok.” Though it wasn’t made clear just what a mask is, but the mode is called Hedlok. Presumably what Yabuki is trying to say is that the Hedlok mode is where players acquire a special item and fight to keep it for a length of time.

This won’t be Nintendo’s last update to Arms either, as they have promised a steady supply of content, just as they have with Splatoon 2. So it looks like we’ve got at least two years of new content coming for these games, whether we like it or not. Arms is out now, and if this update sounds sexy to you, be sure to grab it from your local games retailer.


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