PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Will Add First Person Only Servers

According to a Tweet from the creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Brendan Greene himself, PUBG will be receiving it’s usual monthly update. But it won’t be an ordinary update. It will include, a server in which players will be exclusively using the first person perspective. To which Greene added the cheeky hashtag “make hardcore great again.”PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Add First Person Only Servers

Battlegrounds has had both third person and first persons perspectives as a part of it’s gameplay for a long time now. But it seems that some players believe that third person can give an unfair advantage; using the boarder vision to look around corners or through walls, before switching to first person and aiming with the accuracy of an experienced shooter. Personally, I’m not even good enough to think of that as an option, so I’ll probably be sticking to the “unfair” advantage while I try to remember how to aim.

Nonetheless, there are folks who love Battlegrounds for all the challenges and tactical opportunities it can provide. Third person, apparently, is just way too generous and unrealistic. Thus, these first person only servers should keep the expert players happy, as it will certainly make an already difficult game more so.

It’s more than likely that these kind of updates will keep coming. As mentioned before, there are monthly updates for this game and content, like the new desert map, or the zombie mode. It seems, thus far, that Battlegrounds will be a lot like Overwatch with it’s constant updates and new content to keep players coming back and bring new players in.

That said, PUBG won’t be coming out of Early Access for quite some time, having recently been delayed to late 2017. When it does come out, it will be on the Xbox One, Xbox One X (with fancy enhancements), and even on Facebook (of all places) via the publisher Bluehole.

Source: Twitter


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