Spider-Man PS4 Will Encourage Dynamic Gameplay

Spider-Man fans are likely a little disappointed to see that the main villains of the latest trailer for Insomniac’s game were Mr. Negative and his Inner Demons. They are not very popular and frankly, the names gives it away. Even King Pin sounds more classy than Mr. Negative. “Inner Demons” probably takes the cake in the lame name contest though. There are so many other names for henchmen that could have been used and any one of them would have been better.Spider-Man For The PS4 Will Encourage Dynamic Gameplay

Nonetheless, creative director at Insomniac Games Bryan Intihar told PlayStation Magazine that not all is lost. He says that Inner Demons were chosen because of the type of weapons they use, the negative energy weapons. So, let me get this straight: Mr. Negative has Inner Demons that send out negative energy. No wonder they aren’t popular. Regardless, these negative energy weapons apparently encourage the player to try different gameplay strategies. It’s important, according to Intihar, that players are pushed to “mix up how they play” and challenge themselves.

This also means that Inner Demons are not the be all and end all for villains in the game. There will be more than one villain in Spider-Man, in fact there will be a huge cast, both of villains and friends. So it seems it will be more than Inner Demons and the more popular Venom, Doctor Octopus, and Green Goblin. We hope, anyway. I’m far too much a fan of Venom to consider many other villains in the series. None of them have quite the lingering depth and consistently recurring appearance, in my opinion.

So it seems like swinging from building to building are not the only options we’ll have available to us. Different villains require different strategies, from sneaking to sniping, it seems we’ll have it all.

Spider-Man will be coming to the PS4 exclusively sometime in 2018.

Sources: Official PlayStation Magazine UK in August’s #138 issue, via WCCF


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