Overwatch Balance Update For Doomfist

The latest PTR update from Blizzard includes balance changes to quite a few powerful characters within Overwatch, including the brand new Doomfist, and the slightly older Zarya, McCree, Reaper, and Reinhardt. A Doomfist update has certainly been coming, as he is the newest character added to the roster of heroes you can play in Overwatch. He’s also probably the most powerful, next to Reinhardt, as he’s a fairly hard hitter and his Rocket Punch is a little over-powered.Overwatch Balance Update For Doomfist

The most recent changes, however, hope to fix that. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch will have a reduction in how far it can travel. The reduction is by about 20%. Doomfist’s other weapon had gotten a nerf too.

You can’t use his Seismic Slam while in the air anymore, unless the location is “lower than your current height.” The Seismic Slam also has meter now that shows the amount of damage it will deal and what it dealt in the end. These changes should help Doomfist seem a little less indestructible.

McCree’s buff pertains to his Flashbang ability, which will now slow down targets even more when you’ve stunned them. Apparently there have been issues with stunned enemies disappearing around a corner before they can be dealt with.

As for Reaper, his buff includes his Shadow Step. The distance by which other players can hear him coming has been reduced, as well as when enemies see his shadow. Theoretically, this will make Reaper significantly more stealthy and deadly.

Reinhardt’s Hammer will have a faster swing, by about 10%, and it will be much more responsive due to other unspecified tweaks made by the developer team. In addition, if you hit another charging hero, like Doomfist or another Reinhardt, it won’t damage both characters. Instead, both heroes will be knocked down.

Zarya’s Graviton Surge will disable “all movement abilities” of the affected enemies. This will work, according to Blizzard, similar to the affects that Junkrat’s trap has.


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