Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Propaganda Trailer

Bethesda has released a cute teaser trailer for their upcoming game Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It doesn’t feature any new gameplay whatsoever, but it does give us a glimpse into the kind of world the game will feature. Hopefully Bethesda isn’t leaving all the world building to trailers, rather than keeping it in the game and giving The New Colossus a decent story. If done correctly, Bethesda could have a lovely BioShock type narrative on dystopia here.

Then again, it could be argued that the Fallout series already does that. What with the false utopia of each vault, and how that inane cheerfulness is broken by rather brutal and violent events. Thusly commencing your journey through the real world, ravaged by a nuclear winter and the results of such radiation.

Nonetheless, The New Colossus trailer features the fictional game of “German… or Else!” Which is a little interesting to me, because if you really wanted people to learn and stick to a specific language, you’d be speaking nothing but that language to them. I’m sure anyone who has taken a language class can attest to this. One of the first things they tell you, if that you have to get used to hearing the language as much as eventually understanding it.

In the video it seems the Nazis are taking a different approach. The idea of this show is that two people compete to guess the right German translation of an English word. The first is Sträke (strength), the second Gehorsam (obedience), third is Kraft (which is definitely another word for strength), and lastly Geschwindigeitbegrenzung (speed limit). That last one is quite the mouthful, even if you are a native German speaker.

All of these words Rupert gets right instead of his opponent, Linda. The last one, Linda stumbles over the pronunciation, but she clearly had the right word. Unfortunately, she is promptly sent off to re-education. Nothing like a little reference to 1984. Hopefully the Nazis don’t use the same tactics. A glimpse indeed, of the strict rules the player will be fighting against in The New Colossus.


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